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People are sensible enough to only add a small amount to the meals in any case.But I realized early on that had to happen, so it was no big deal to me.Anyone can lose weight with this and keep it off if they stick to the diet and then after just be sensible what they eat and get some exercise too.I finished a month on Nutrisystem at end February after being talked into it by some friends and I was feeling fat after the Christmas food binge.As far as the other members of our diet group, they all did well and lost a ton of weight.I may become a global warming threat from all the methane and the EPA may put me on their speed dial.You may have to go through TONS of weight loss plans before you find the one for you.

Some were better than others but I never came across any real bad ones.But health and nutrition experts agree that that 1-2 pounds per week is the recommended rate of safe weight loss for most dieters.This program is great, fills me up and I am getting use to the smaller portions.

The system works quite simply, in that you just order what you want from their website or you can do it over the phone.Obese people may eat less than I do, they may skip breakfast but then drink sugary sodas all day.

I recently lost over 60lbs and went from size 42 waist to a 34 over a three month period on NS.There were only 2 of them and one happened last year, so these are pretty isolated cases.After receiving a rigid response to my objection and refusal to allow me to speak to a supervisor I hung up and started reading reviews and checking the Nutrisystem (NTRI) stock price.Nutrisystem is a new diet that helps you lose weight by delivering meals directly to your home.One thing, I did my diet with NS over a longer term and I found that even two months is pretty short to get good results.Nutrisystem helps a lot because it structures your eating and teaches you to get by with less food and still feel satisfied.I will write again after my first month to see fill in my results.Will the NS help me lose my desired target of 40 lbs in 3 months.

I cannot wait to come back to this blog a month from now and share my success.In the mean time have had a baby and just started the plan again to lose the baby weight.I lost 21lbs on NS over two months last fall and I have never looked back.Its a really good diet plan and a friend of mine is doing the same plan right now.The weeks that followed had me in countless doctors offices trying to determine the cause of the stroke.I am on my third month of Nutrisystem meals and I find the food is nearly all pleasant and in some cases actually very nice to eat.

And shake and shake and shake. No biggy. Just curious if I should expect something different.The biggest challenge, and the key to success here, is learning to eat until no longer hungry, and not until full.Hi Jennifer, 100 pounds is a lot to lose and this is a good, positive step to going for that goal.While he is an affiliate of Nutrisystem, this review is comprised of his own personal views, opinions and professional observations, written honestly and objectively as possible.Also can I drink coffee with milk and sugar on the nutrisystem diet.I am on a fixed income of course with the retirement and not having found suitable employment as of yet, so I was skeptical, but I think I am going to give it a try.I read your review and some of the comments people left before I ordered the program, and I have to say the review and most of the comments are pretty accurate.I realize with my challenged metabolism i need to step that up, so this month have added on another day and have increased the length of my exercise routines.

On the flip side, something like this can happen with any food product — it happens with supermarket ready meals too on occasion.I have been on Nutrisystem program 10 days and have struggled to eat all the food required per day and I have not lost an ounce.Its a tough call and this is not the only solution, of course.I started by ordering the first month to see if I could get on with it and I found it really okay.

At lunch I ate (and still do) a large amount of lettuce as the veg many times, that gives you a full feeling.Anyways, I just want to say thanks for writing an accurate and honest assessment of NS and also thanks to everyone that wrote in and added to the mix.For example, I would have a nutrisystem breakfast and a glass of milk in the morning.Back then I was still training with nutrition but I knew enough to be able to buy food that was as healthy as possible.Incidentally, if you really want a diet menu that is only made up of fresh frozen meals, choose Nutrisystem Select plans.I do not have a strict diet, but I do workout 5 times a week in the gym.You could lose weight on this diet, because you cannot eat the darn food. Yech. Awful. I do NOT recommend.

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Those ads are very clever in getting you to believe you can lose weight faster than you actually will except in circumstances where a person is extremely overweight and it is normal to lose a lot of weight in the first few weeks before the rate slows to normal.

And yes, adding exercise to the diet is absolutely the way to ensure success.It provides a convenient way to diet that is especially suited to busy people who simply do not have the time to work on conventional diets.So even though your eating an already low calorie diet, your body is not using up many more of the calories in it.By smaller, I was talking about the way people tend to eat very large meals and how much of a difference they would notice when they made the change to Nutrisystem.Last night for dinner I had pizza and this morning I lost a pound.

I just started the program and am wondering if you or anyone else had trouble restraining from ripping them all open and nibbling.No packaged stuff from the supermarket, its all home made from fresh meat and vegetables.I personally believe that the veggies are a good addition, but dairy products are not such a great thing to add to your diet — even the low fat variety.Hi Lesley, the short answer there is you have to ask yourself how much do you want to lose weight.Nutrisystem is one of the most popular diet plans to lose weight.NTTTC: How to Mimic Nutrisystem Without the High Cost: Try the Nutrisystem Diet Program by Yourself.I ordered a pre-selected package and have found the food tasty for the most part (except the mac and cheese- I fed that to my dog).My other question has to do with how much extra shopping one needs to do while on the plan.

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These include high protein power foods, low fat dairy products and fresh green vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, kale etc that you buy from the store and cook yourself to bulk out the meals.Adding veggies to the meals makes them more filling and exercising burns off the excess calories to make the weight drop on a more permanent basis.One things for sure Nutrisystem certainly gets you used to eating in a more structured way with smaller meals and cutting out a lot of the foods that make you tired, while helping you lose weight.The standard program foods do not require freezing or even refrigeration.Did you have any idea that NS was made up mainly of processed foods.Thanks, I will really do more exercize to try to speed up my metabolism.They can do this because they are also one of the largest and the food is prepared and packaged at their own company premises.Its important to contact them immediately if there is anything you think is wrong.